“Lorenzo Gleijeses is extraordinary with his ability to make his body speak”.
Franco Quadri – La Repubblica – Saturday, 28 November 2009

“…there was something new – or rather, something pristine – in Lorenzo Gleijeses’ decision, a very young Neapolitan performer coming from a theatrical family: at the turn of the century, he went to Denmark to find his own way of expressing himself in the meticulousness of Odin Teatret, rather than in the visionary strand dear to the groups coming out from the ‘90s. Guided by Julia Varley, born in England but raised in Milan, Lorenzo Gleijeses proved his first-rate skills three years ago by playing his Neapolitan take on Hamlet looking for his mother and still running, but also other brilliant roles”.
Franco Quadri – La Repubblica – Monday, 2 June 2008

“… an under 30 actor, born and raised in the theatre and able to pass from his Neapolitan acting roots to the Northern sternness of Eugenio Barba’s Odin Teatret… Lorenzo Gleijeses’ quality work is impressive”.
Franco Quadri – La Repubblica – 12 December 2008

“… those who want to understand the new theatre should not miss Lorenzo Gleijeses’ performances, coming from a theatrical family and stepping over the boundaries of old conventions with a strong cultural background and an interpretive rigour – so rare nowadays”.
Ugo Ronfani – Il Giorno

“… Lorenzo Gleijeses… Reveals prodigious focus and physical flexibility”.
Osvaldo Guerrieri – La Stampa

“…the physical score developed by Lorenzo Gleijeses is amazing in terms of expression and energy. It is also a statement of how this truly special actor masters body language.”
Anna Bandettini  – La Repubblica

“…the impressive energy of an excellent Lorenzo Gleijeses”
Maria Grazia Gregori – Del

“…there is method in Lorenzo Gleijeses’ theatrical madness… Coming from a theatrical family, this Neapolitan performer has long proved to be both an unusual and a usual phenomenon of a new scene of disenchantment…
Lorenzo Gleijeses’ face is a map of signs and muscles of a tireless athlete of the heart, with unlimited emotional power.”
Rodolfo Di Giammarco – La Repubblica

“… he grinds his teeth to the extreme. Hitting the ground hard. Working with fire. Twisting within steel balls. Dirtying his body with ashes. Wearing water. This is Lorenzo Gleijeses. He’s been playing on stage since he was ten and won the 2006 Ubu Award for “Best New Actor”. A force of nature combined with method, technique and commitment”.
Rodolfo Di Giammarco – La Repubblica

“… Lorenzo Gleijeses dances with pinpoint accuracy, giving theatricality even to the smallest parts of the body: his knees, a finger, a foot. He can turn into a real creature mixed with an imagined one… No wonder that the dance-actor is eventually rewarded with an endless applause.”
Osvaldo Guerrieri – La Stampa

“… an “actor-creator” or “cross-functional actor”… Lorenzo Gleijeses’ “dance theatre”, which is very different from the theatre-dance as we know it, seems an effort to reveal the inherent physicality of the verbal dimension, while displaying its reflections on the actor’s body”.
Roberto Borghi – Il Giornale

“… a thirty-year-old performer who loves going off the beaten path. Lorenzo Gleijeses never ceases to amaze us with the discipline and the visionary strength of his choices… Dancing with the body, images and words, this young artist goes back to the origins of Western theatre to restore its tremendous vitality”.
Sara Chiappori – La Repubblica

“…Lorenzo Gleijeses… Prodigious and Sublime”
Enrico Groppali – Il Giornale

“…he delivers tormented performances on stage with a hint of Grotowski. Lorenzo Gleijeses has come a long way since his debut in the repertory theatre with his father Geppy and other well-known directors, before he decided to start from scratch and train with masters such as Lindsay Kemp, Nekrosius and Karpov… by building a bridge between Naples and Denmark which is accessible in many directions, summing up both his apprenticeship and his doubts”.
Nico Garrone – La Repubblica

“…the physicality of the actor (Lorenzo Gleijeses) and his body language are the true language of theatre”.
Renato Nicolini – L’Unità

“…The young Gleijeses thinks big… Gleijeses takes some directions by Odin Teatret and makes them his own with a text giving a lot to the body, while displaying a very promising dramaturgy confidence… Gleijeses’ charismatic stage presence is priceless….
In some micro-choreographies relating to acting, the poetic drive is enhanced and beauty becomes a whole concept, encompassing mind and body. Pure emotion”.
Diego Vincenti – Hystrio

“…While it is often a cliché, to come from a theatrical family is a true statement with respect to Lorenzo Gleijeses”.
Enrico Fiore – Il Mattino

“…Europe as a background, Naples as a venue… Raised in Eugenio Barba’s Odin Teatret, Lorenzo Gleijeses works with other directors of the new international scene”.
Stefano De Stefano – Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno

“…a child prodigy of our theatre… one of the most original careers in recent years. From Naples to Pontedera, through Russia, England, Lithuania and many inputs between theatre and dance. His father is an actor, thus a great legacy. And that’s it: the rest is pure talent”.
Sergio Lo Gatto –

“…Prince Hal is a difficult role to play, but Lorenzo Gleijeses stands out in delivering both the ambiguity and the hidden cruelty of this authentic cynic”.
Masolino D’Amico – La Stampa

“… the acting skills of the young Gleijeses are truly remarkable”.
Stefania Maraucci – Hystrio

“…It’s rare to enjoy such a complete and utterly spectacular theatre, combining subtlety, innovative direction concept, expertise and acting generosity”.
Renzia D’inca – Hystrio

“… an actor to keep an eye on… attentive and daring”.
Simona Spaventa – Tuttomilano